Hellen and Ruben

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The lovely Hellen and the handsome Ruben got married at the Bungalow in Cedar Park Texas on November 25, 2017.


I was the hired wedding videographer. I used a Canon T3i, A Canon G20, and I had a second camera operator with his BlackMagic camera.


Samira’s Quinceneara


Samira’s Quinceañera (a Mexican girls’ 15th Birthday Party) at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Taylor, Texas. Jan 14, 2018.


Shot with a Canon Vixia G20 and some footage from a Canon T3I DSLR and an Android S6.

4425cSome additional footage from a party guests Nikon D7 may be added later.


It was a short Quinceneara mass / blessing but the party had a LOT of live music. Three bands performed Mexican Pop.  The Birthday girls dad was in the last band.










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Hellen & Ruben, first rough cut.

Hellen & Ruben


This is a first rough cut of Hellen and Ruben’s wedding video.

A first cut of the wedding ceremony, ( minus the third camera angle,  which I will add later).

The first two cameras are a Canon T3i DSLR,  and a Canon G20 camcorder.

There is a 3rd camera angle, shot on a Blackmagic.

Relax! The final wedding video will NOT sound like that!

And some shots of the first dances.