Jan 30 birthdays

So on my birthday…

the actual date of my birth… the Beatles had their rooftop concert

and I share a birthday with

Gene Hackman…

Christian Bale

Wilmer Valderama

Dick Cheney

Phil Collins

Franklin Delano Rooseveldt and…

some other “celebrities” I’d never heard of:


Witness to the Beatles Hollywood Bowl Concert


Witness to the Beatles Hollywood Bowl Concert



This is a YOUTUBE show where a music fan dissects his favorite vinyl albums.

 “Vinyl Rewind

Here he talks about “Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl”….

And… he also has a guy who worked at that show, and what it was like being there.

I remember borrowing the “Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl” LP from my local library as a kid in the late 70’s…. and it was unlistenably bad.

Really worn out and scratchy…. and it was just a bunch of screaming.

This guy has got me thinking making I should give this new cleaned up version a second chance.