Alicia and Darrell. May 23rd, 2015.

Alicia Clemmons married Darrel Roberson on May 23rd, 2015 in Killeen, Texas.

The Guitarist/Singer  is the amazing and gorgeous Jokia Williams!

I met this nice couple on thumbtack!  I travelled to Killeen, the place was easier to find than I thought it would be.

I had a freelance assistant with me, he set up his Canon XA 20 and boom mike and got some glidecam shots of the room.

I set it up so that his camera would be the face / close up camera.  I put my Canon DSLR behind them to be the master shot camera.  I hid my go pro on the pedestal behind the unity candles.candle shots01 candle ms

Before the ceremony started I got slider shots of the cake and the decorations. I put my DSLR on the glider.

I really like having multiple camera angles in a wedding video.  Everyone wants to see a close up of the brides face! And its great to have cut away shots to hide zooms.

5782 coupleAEven though I am an Austin wedding videographer, I was glad a Killeen couple saw my demo reel and chose me!

Theres a trend in high end wedding videos to use video filtering technology to make video look more like true Hollywood “film”. Thats fine, but Ive noticed theres a hipster look, where the video looks like BAD film, shakey, blurry,  burned out, too blue or too orange…..  Like a family film  shot in Super 8 from the 1950’s, where the camera person didn’t know what they were doing.  Show me any commercial TV show or movie that looks like that?

This couple didn’t ask for that and I’m glad they didn’t.  Keep it clean. Keep it safe. Can you see whats going on? yes? Good!

austin texas wedding video

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