RAIN: a fan film about Storm

I just got to see THIS on the big screen at the Alamo Village theater in Austin Texas:

Uhh No its not “my” film (don’t I wish). I had a very minor part on the crew, a volunteer boom mike operator. But it was time well spent to be a part of something THIS ambitious!

Theres some many dreamers and talkers who BS endlessly about what they’ll do “someday”. And theres people like Maya Glick who organized a Kickstarter campaign to get funding and found Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand to get in there and make it happen!

And did they make it happen! Amazing quality shooting and CGI effects! And Kick a– acting from Maya and the rest of the cast!

Hallie+Sam, 30Jan2016

Hallie and Sam got married at First United Methodist Church on January 30, 2016! http://www.fumcmarblefalls.com/

They hired me to capture their special day on HD video!

The wonderful ladies of Studio 924 did the still photography!

I travelled an hour from Austin through the scenic hill country down to the quaint Texas town of Marble Falls. Amazingly, this wedding fell on my birthday!

Celebrating my birth at someones happiest day? Why Not!?!

I usually make Austin Wedding Videos, but was happy to make a Marble Falls Wedding Video.

The pastor had known the bride as her youth pastor and was so happy to be the one conducting her wedding. The couple met at Texas Tech!

I shot it with a Canon T3I, Canon Vixia G20, A Canon R10, a GoPro on the floor, a Go Pro on a glide cam. I even used an iPhone as a sixth camera angle.

Bailey & Clay, Barr Mansion Austin

Clay and Bailey Got married 17Jan2016 at Barr Mansion in Austin Texas.



I shot this wedding video on a Canon T3I DSLR, a Canon Vixia G20, a Go Pro and edited it in Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Vannessa and Kenneth

Vannessa and Kenneth are getting married Octobter 17, 2015 at 4:00 pm.
East Metro Park Manor Texas.

I will be shooting their wedding video and giving it to them on DVD!
Using digital DSLR cameras and a canon camcorder, in addition to a hidden Go Pro behind the altar. I will be editing in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.
I am looking forward to making an impressive piece of Austin Wedding cinema for this couple!

austin texas wedding video videographer

Risque wedding video?

I’m always scouring youtube for new wedding videos to get ideas on new techniques etc….
This is a very well made wedding video BUT:
am I hallucinating? did I see what I think I saw at .41 secs in?!?!?!?

austin texas wedding video

Gay Wedding Video Special!

You can get married now!gay 4

Have us preserve your special day on video! We have been doing wedding videos for almost two decades!

Theres no real difference between shooting a Gay couple’s wedding and a Hetero couple’s wedding, but we’ve simply never done a gay wedding before.

My packages start at $600.00 and go up to $3,000.00 for our deluxe package!
The Bronze package ($600) is ONE camera for a short ceremony and the reception highlights.
The GOLD package ($3,000.00) is multiple cameras and microphones for long ceremonies and we shoot the whole reception from start to end.


We so want to get into the gay wedding market, I am offering a special GOLD for BRONZE price break!

The first Gay couple to contract with us   via this ad will get our GOLD package for the BRONZE price! We are so eager to have a demo reel of a gay wedding to break into the alternative wedding community we are giving away our most elaborate package at our almost free rate! a THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR value for only Six HUNDRED dollars!!!!

Gay 3Whats the catch?!?!?
You have to let me use pictures and videos as my new demo. That’s the only catch!

eMail us today at lovestorytexas at yahoo.com!

austin texas wedding video

Wedding Cake Fails!

I go to weddings almost every weekend. Sometimes 2 or 3 a weekend. I think I’ve seen it all.

No I haven’t:


austin texas wedding video