Bruce Jenner Story

A documentary about olympian Bruce Jenner. His story before he revealed his private secret and his change of life.

Whats this got to do with Wedding Video?


But I am inrigued by his words about the secret person hidden within.

And Im curious if this will up my good hit ranking.

Scott and Christine! Happy Anniversary!

scott christine 02

May 23, 2010. Ahh the old days. Standard Definition. Editing in the original Final Cut Pro and NOT Adobe Premiere.

The color and focus on my Sony VX2100 Camera still hold up, even though its not High Definition.

And they’re still such a cute couple I’d love them in any dimensions!

Quinceañera austin texas wedding video wedding annniversary marriage

Pedicab Wedding Video?

002If you are getting married downtown this summer,

think about an ingenious way to make your special day even more unique and memorable!

001Take pedicabs from the hotel to the church to the reception!

They are fun safe and very exciting!  And they can maneuver through traffic faster and better than a limo!

Look how much fun the folks in those pictures are having! This should be you!

004We can make special arrangements for just the bride and groom, the whole wedding party, or….. believe it or not- EVERYONE involved in your wedding can be pedalled about!

I run my own wedding video company as well as work as work as pedicab driver! I’ve got the inside track on how not only to get one (or several hundred) pedicabs and how to make a memorable video of it!

if you contract with me THIS week I am offering special low rates to have your entire day shot on high def video and have your whole gang pedalled about town.

(Note this would work best if your wedding is near downtown. Pedicabs can go a lot further than most people think but if your event is significantly far away from downtown this entails further planning and costs).

email me today so we can start planning your unique  pedicab wedding and wedding video.


pedicab ad ciouple02

Heres a video of two wedding couples who took pedicab rides!

pedicab ad couple 01

I always wanted to try this ( Go Pro behind the sand jar)!

sand pour 03

Go Pros are great for shooting extreme sports and dangerous action shots.
But they often lack the “glamorous” look most families want in a wedding video.

But I always thought they might work hidden around the altar to catch brief moments a big camera wouldn’t fit in. Like behind the candles or over an archway.

Most of the time when the wedding couple is doing something like lighting the unity candle or the sand ceremony or the “Wedding Lasso” their backs are to the audience. And thus, their backs are to my cameras. Who wants to look at THAT?

About 2 years I had one of my “real” cameras behind the “Unity Candle” it looked great on video but it was kind of a distraction in the moment.007)

This was from a small digital camera hidden in the ceiling. Driping Spgs terrace ipod
You certainly wouldn’t want to look at THAT for the whole wedding video, but it’s an acceptable cut away shot.

In addition to my “real” cameras, I tucked my Samsung phone in the bushes behind the altar for THIS shot:
006) david aasa candle

Advancing technology in all things, especially micro cameras, are making my job a LOT easier! I can use multiple cameras and not have to charge my couples any more money!

For my next weddings I plan on using more micro cameras to get lots of unique camera angles.

Youtube is a great place for filmmaking research.  Wedding Videographers like to show off their new ideas and I like to implement them!

“In any creative endeavor, if you see someone doing something you like- copy it! Because I assure you- They did!”

-Michael Caine.

I just typed in “gopro wedding video ” to start my research. Some of the results were just silly, but some were brilliant. All were though provoking.

These folks used several Go Pros to record the whole wedding.  

It’s interesting but I think THAT much fisheye is too much for a whole ceremony. You can see they also used a traditional dslr for other footage.

A good Go Pro on high end drone looks fabulous! ( Reminder! I am NOT claiming I made these!).

A Go Pro hidden in the brides bouquet?!?!? How clever!

I am SO jealous I didn’t think of this!!!

austin texas wedding video go pro camera