Blood, Sweat and Teeth Documentary!

I shot and edited this

It was produced by Vic Feazell, Adam Warren and Chad Nell. It was shot in Austin Texas and New Orleans Lousisiana. Edited on an AVID Media Composer.

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FIVE GUNS WEST Music Video by The Nematoads

Shot in standard definition with a (then) state of the art digital video camera, The Sony VX 2100 and edited in Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro 7.

It is the Austin, Texas surf rock band The Nematoads performing at Dirty Dog Saloon on sixth street.

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Business Videos

In addition to making first class wedding videos, we can also use our filmmaking skills to produce excellent business videos for companies that want an online video presence.

Short, tight memorable videos that will help sell your business.

People will sit and watch a well done web video before they will actually READ a lot of text!

Visitors who watch videos will stay on your web site twice as long and visit twice as many pages versus those who don’t see video.

One study reported that visitors were  144% more likely to purchase   after seeing a product video than those who did not.

So you know you need web videos but you fear the extraordinary costs and risks of starting an internal video department, or have apprehension about hiring an expensive outsourced video producer?

We are the compromise you are looking for!

We have produced ( co-wrote, shot, edited, animated and posted to youtube) numerous sales videos for a variety of companies such as:

TV commercial for a local lawyer:

A Book Trailer for the children’s book “Winnie and Thunderrose”

A short film commissioned by the West Point Society of Central Texas:

A web video for an upcoming live stage musical:

and an animated music video used IN the play:

motion graphics demo reel:

A promo video for an independent film screening:

A web video for a local bike company:

A cartoon music video for funk band “ The Razor Bumps”:

Music video for the Surf instrumental band “The Nematoads”:


URBAN SOMBRERO by The Nematoads:

This is some older web video work done in the 90’s:

(obviously back in the compressed 320 by 240 web video days!)

email us today at

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Welcome to the new website of my wedding video company “Love Story Texas” aka “MattKProVideo”.

Im am experimenting with newer and better ways to communicate with prospective brides.

Check back often to see new samples of what we will do for you.

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Wedding Video for Austin Texas and Beyond!