I love these motion graphics!


I didn’t make these ( don’t I wish ) but I want to promote art I like. And I really like what these folks are making!



and I am not sure this is from the same company, but doesn’t it feel similar?

Christmas time wedding film!


Are you planning for your December wedding?

We would SO love to have a Christmas time wedding video on our demo reel! All our work is in the summer time and Christmas decorations in the background of our footage would be an exciting change. (*)

And so. . ..

We are offering a “Gold for Bronze Special”!

We offer a Bronze package, that is just one camera for the Ceremony and the Reception Highlights, for $600.00.

We also offer a Gold Package, that is multiple cameras, all day shooting, for $1,500.00.

If you book with us for a Christmas time wedding, you can have our GOLD package for the BRONZE rate!

Thats a $1,500.00 value for only $600.00!

See what we can do for you at:


then email us at lovestorytexas at yahoo.com

(*) Note NONE of the Christmas images on this page are ours. These are the kinds of images we would LIKE to get, not the kind we have already done.

austin texas wedding video

Gay Wedding Video Special!

You can get married now!gay 4

Have us preserve your special day on video! We have been doing wedding videos for almost two decades!

Theres no real difference between shooting a Gay couple’s wedding and a Hetero couple’s wedding, but we’ve simply never done a gay wedding before.

My packages start at $600.00 and go up to $3,000.00 for our deluxe package!
The Bronze package ($600) is ONE camera for a short ceremony and the reception highlights.
The GOLD package ($3,000.00) is multiple cameras and microphones for long ceremonies and we shoot the whole reception from start to end.


We so want to get into the gay wedding market, I am offering a special GOLD for BRONZE price break!

The first Gay couple to contract with us   via this ad will get our GOLD package for the BRONZE price! We are so eager to have a demo reel of a gay wedding to break into the alternative wedding community we are giving away our most elaborate package at our almost free rate! a THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR value for only Six HUNDRED dollars!!!!

Gay 3Whats the catch?!?!?
You have to let me use pictures and videos as my new demo. That’s the only catch!

eMail us today at lovestorytexas at yahoo.com!

austin texas wedding video

Alicia and Darrell. May 23rd, 2015.

Alicia Clemmons married Darrel Roberson on May 23rd, 2015 in Killeen, Texas.

The Guitarist/Singer  is the amazing and gorgeous Jokia Williams!

I met this nice couple on thumbtack!  I travelled to Killeen, the place was easier to find than I thought it would be.

I had a freelance assistant with me, he set up his Canon XA 20 and boom mike and got some glidecam shots of the room.

I set it up so that his camera would be the face / close up camera.  I put my Canon DSLR behind them to be the master shot camera.  I hid my go pro on the pedestal behind the unity candles.candle shots01 candle ms

Before the ceremony started I got slider shots of the cake and the decorations. I put my DSLR on the glider.

I really like having multiple camera angles in a wedding video.  Everyone wants to see a close up of the brides face! And its great to have cut away shots to hide zooms.

5782 coupleAEven though I am an Austin wedding videographer, I was glad a Killeen couple saw my demo reel and chose me!

Theres a trend in high end wedding videos to use video filtering technology to make video look more like true Hollywood “film”. Thats fine, but Ive noticed theres a hipster look, where the video looks like BAD film, shakey, blurry,  burned out, too blue or too orange…..  Like a family film  shot in Super 8 from the 1950’s, where the camera person didn’t know what they were doing.  Show me any commercial TV show or movie that looks like that?

This couple didn’t ask for that and I’m glad they didn’t.  Keep it clean. Keep it safe. Can you see whats going on? yes? Good!

austin texas wedding video

Scott and Christine! Happy Anniversary!

scott christine 02

May 23, 2010. Ahh the old days. Standard Definition. Editing in the original Final Cut Pro and NOT Adobe Premiere.

The color and focus on my Sony VX2100 Camera still hold up, even though its not High Definition.

And they’re still such a cute couple I’d love them in any dimensions!

Quinceañera austin texas wedding video wedding annniversary marriage

I always wanted to try this ( Go Pro behind the sand jar)!

sand pour 03

Go Pros are great for shooting extreme sports and dangerous action shots.
But they often lack the “glamorous” look most families want in a wedding video.

But I always thought they might work hidden around the altar to catch brief moments a big camera wouldn’t fit in. Like behind the candles or over an archway.

Most of the time when the wedding couple is doing something like lighting the unity candle or the sand ceremony or the “Wedding Lasso” their backs are to the audience. And thus, their backs are to my cameras. Who wants to look at THAT?

About 2 years I had one of my “real” cameras behind the “Unity Candle” it looked great on video but it was kind of a distraction in the moment.007)

This was from a small digital camera hidden in the ceiling. Driping Spgs terrace ipod
You certainly wouldn’t want to look at THAT for the whole wedding video, but it’s an acceptable cut away shot.

In addition to my “real” cameras, I tucked my Samsung phone in the bushes behind the altar for THIS shot:
006) david aasa candle

Advancing technology in all things, especially micro cameras, are making my job a LOT easier! I can use multiple cameras and not have to charge my couples any more money!

For my next weddings I plan on using more micro cameras to get lots of unique camera angles.

Youtube is a great place for filmmaking research.  Wedding Videographers like to show off their new ideas and I like to implement them!

“In any creative endeavor, if you see someone doing something you like- copy it! Because I assure you- They did!”

-Michael Caine.

I just typed in “gopro wedding video ” to start my research. Some of the results were just silly, but some were brilliant. All were though provoking.

These folks used several Go Pros to record the whole wedding.  

It’s interesting but I think THAT much fisheye is too much for a whole ceremony. You can see they also used a traditional dslr for other footage.

A good Go Pro on high end drone looks fabulous! ( Reminder! I am NOT claiming I made these!).

A Go Pro hidden in the brides bouquet?!?!? How clever!

I am SO jealous I didn’t think of this!!!

austin texas wedding video go pro camera